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Amy's artwork comes in a variety of mediums.  Currently her focus is on digital art. 


Since the release of the iPhone in 2007, a whole new generation of art has evolved. Amy has been on the cutting edge of this digital art movement.  Her iPhone and iPad work has been exhibited in Milwaukee (The Flying Pig Gallery Exhibition of 23 International Artists); New York City (The First LAMDA Convention at NYU); twice in Bosnia and Herzegovina; twice in Georgetown, Washington DC; Leeds, England; Cuenca, Spain; in the Toronto Sun; and was twice selected by jury to be shown at the MDAC Summit (2014 & 2015) in Palo Alto, California. Amy's work has also been published in David Scott Leibowitz's book, "Mobile Digital Art."  In 2014 and 2015, Amy's art was selected to be shown in Seoul, South Korea at the Seoul Museum of Art.   Her painting "Fire" won in the category of current events in the Pogo Stylus, One Ten Design Competition in Sept. of 2015. In February of 2016, one of her paintings was selected to be part of an 18-month show at the i.d.e.a Museum in Mesa, Arizona.  


Special sizing and formatting of Amy's digital art is available.  Please see the contact page. 



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